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Standup Bio

Detailed Ent. Resume Available

Graham’s been called brilliant. He’s been called provocative.  He’s been called the Peyton Manning of comedy in this self-produced bio.  And he’s been called the Defendant in Hooters of America v. Currin.  

Based out of LA, Graham got his start 10 years ago emceeing fundraisers and hosting TV shows while at Virginia Tech.  When he’s not writing for FOX’s “Surviving Jack,” Graham performs with great acts like Josh Blue, Rich Vos, Judah Friedlander, and Godfrey in comedy clubs across the country from the DC Improv to the Comedy Store in LA.  He’s performed at the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival and the World Series of Comedy .


Graham’s act is original and unique… just like every other comedian’s. While you’ll rarely find any cuss words in his show, you will learn some new ones as he specializes in vicious innuendo.

Think clean, but mean.


Sceenwriting Bio

Staff Writer


For years I lived a double life.  By day, I led teams of technical writers and artists that designed interactive online courseware for the military.  It wasn’t sexy, but even Jesus and Superman had lame-ass day jobs.  At night, I traveled to perform standup comedy only to return to my day job sleep deprived.  Between the two, I still carved out time to write scripts.   

But that life changed when I was accepted into the WB Writers’ Workshop.  It didn’t hurt that my original pilot, Assisted Living won StoryboardTV’s Pilot Competition and my Archer spec won Acclaim’s TV Spec Contest.


Along the way I took classes at UCB and I performed everywhere from NYC’s Broadway Comedy Club to LA’s Comedy Store and was selected for several festivals including The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival and the World Series of Comedy. But the capper was getting staffed on FOX’s Surviving Jack and getting to read lines with Chris Meloni at table reads.



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